Saturday, April 14, 2012

2nd Saturday in April :: Art Exhibit by Rebecca Michelle Lee

It's 2nd Saturday again! Saturday April 14th 6-9pm :: Always Free!

  • At Blueberry Bog (map #1) we will have Guitar Music by Stephen Fitzgerald
  • And we're giving away treats for National Poetry Month. BB is a "Poem in your Pocket" location... come read us a poem and we'll give you a Blueberry Buck!
  • Rebecca Michelle Lee aka Becky Lee is showing her artwork at Values into Action (map #9)

Becky Lee at Blueberry Bog :: vintage & handamade

Becky Lee's Art Exhibit at Values Into Action, State Street

What's new at Blueberry Bog

Saturday, April 07, 2012

DIY :: Upcycled Doily Bowls at Blueberry Bog

Doily Bowls

Need :: Doily, Elmer's or Mod Podge, Foam paintbrush, small scizzors, non-plastic tape, and cups

1 :: Blow up a balloon relative to the size of the doily you are working with.

2 :: Tape balloon to cup or glass with painter's or masking tape. (To keep upright and stationary).

3 :: Mix 1 part Elmers Glue and 1 part Water, (or use Mod Podge,) in a container/cup & stir.

4 :: Saturate foam brush with glue mixture and coat both sides of doily thoroughly. (I do this directly on my craft table, you may want to lay down wax paper).

5 :: Gently place glue soaked doily over the top of the balloon. You have a minute to adjust if needed. Arrange edges as desired, (folds or no folds, etc.).

6 :: Allow to dry completely. I make a bunch at one time, and let dry overnight.

7 :: Pop balloon with small scissors or knife, and remove shriveled balloon gently.

8 :: Using your fingers gently flatten the bottom circle area until it sits flat on the table top!

Ta Da!

I have spray painted these before! They look amazing with one color on the outside, and another on the inside...


9 :: Don't forget to add a clear spray paint coat, or you could add another layer of mod podge.

Lot's of luck to you & Enjoy your Crafting!

DIY by :: Rebecca Michelle Lee
aka "Becky Lee"
Blueberry Bog :: vintage & handmade

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Newsletter Spring 2012 No 3 :: Calendar of Events

From the Roots Ramble Website ::

"The Americana Roots Ramble, begun in 2003, is presented in April and features a diverse variety of American Roots Music: from early Rock & Roll, Rockabilly and Classic Rhythm & Blues to Bluegrass, Folk and Zydeco. Acts are presented in 16 indoor restaurant venues.

"Think of SXSW in the early days, run a trolley down the middle, that's the Roots Ramble in Media." - Philadelphia City Paper.

WXPN 88.5 FM has annually selected the Roots Ramble as a Member Event and this year has selected the Roots Ramble as an XPN Welcomes Event."

more info:[rootsramble]

Upcoming 2nd Saturday Events @Blueberry Bog ::
6-9pm :: All along State Street!  ::  Blueberry Bog map #1 :: view monthly calendar >>

April 14th
Guitar by Stephen Fitzgerald
National Poetry Month: Poem in Your Pocket Location (via RTM School District, and local Free Libraries) @BB: Recite a poem and receive 1 ‘Blueberry Buck’.

May 12th
Primary Colors by Ellen Miller
Felt Flowers Clips by Diep Koly of Craftoria

June 2nd Saturday
June 9th

Music by Randall Rook of Provident
 MBA State Street Blues Stroll

more @ B l u e b e r r y  B o g