Saturday, April 07, 2012

DIY :: Upcycled Doily Bowls at Blueberry Bog

Doily Bowls

Need :: Doily, Elmer's or Mod Podge, Foam paintbrush, small scizzors, non-plastic tape, and cups

1 :: Blow up a balloon relative to the size of the doily you are working with.

2 :: Tape balloon to cup or glass with painter's or masking tape. (To keep upright and stationary).

3 :: Mix 1 part Elmers Glue and 1 part Water, (or use Mod Podge,) in a container/cup & stir.

4 :: Saturate foam brush with glue mixture and coat both sides of doily thoroughly. (I do this directly on my craft table, you may want to lay down wax paper).

5 :: Gently place glue soaked doily over the top of the balloon. You have a minute to adjust if needed. Arrange edges as desired, (folds or no folds, etc.).

6 :: Allow to dry completely. I make a bunch at one time, and let dry overnight.

7 :: Pop balloon with small scissors or knife, and remove shriveled balloon gently.

8 :: Using your fingers gently flatten the bottom circle area until it sits flat on the table top!

Ta Da!

I have spray painted these before! They look amazing with one color on the outside, and another on the inside...


9 :: Don't forget to add a clear spray paint coat, or you could add another layer of mod podge.

Lot's of luck to you & Enjoy your Crafting!

DIY by :: Rebecca Michelle Lee
aka "Becky Lee"
Blueberry Bog :: vintage & handmade

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