Tuesday, December 06, 2016

If there was a Thirteenth Dimension :: Pi 3.14159 :: Rebecca Michelle Lee

If there was a 13th Dimension, where is the 13th of the 13th of the 13th Dimension? Did Rebecca find an end to Pi?

Chapter #1 :: What do Bumble Bees See?

What if a white rabbit met a grasshopper on display in a dusty museum diarama and fought the curators responsible for the fake giant footprint plaster cast? If a magical bummble bee was a witness, but there were no flowers around, and instead used ultra-violet vision, with clear eyes, "It gets the infrared out," to record the activities of the giant humans, but only knows how to speak bumble bee language, "Bzzzz Bzzz," would dusty dioramas still exist? Can a bumble bee fly upside down, "Like... you know that time?" does any animal or insect fly upside down? Do spiders fly or jump upside down, but spiders are arachnids. How do animals and insects know how to fly around the planet earth instead of straight off into space? Can bumble bees land on the moon? Animals like cheese, the rats of the National Institute of Mental Health like cheese, is the moon really made of cheese? What if bumble bees could breathe in space? What if there was a magical double rainbow around the moon that people couldn't see but bumble bees could? Don't forget #cheesegate.

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