Tuesday, December 06, 2016

If there was a 13th Dimension :: Pi 3.1519 :: Rebecca Michelle Lee

Chapter #6 :: Why did the Black Cat Change Colors?

What if plants could grow in the air like, "spores, mold, and fungus," like in the Ghostbusters movie? Would bees still know how to group flowers together as true colors, I meant team colors, even though bumble bees have purple rainbow viion and don't actually know what colors the flowers actually are? Why is the New World Order orange, black and white? Are the humans the ones who are wrong in deciphering what colors things actually are? If men and women see color differently would the bumble bees knows to group the "birds and the bees," as "blush and bashful?" What if the rabbit changed colors with non-toxic dye, like the fountains in Philadelphia, but the grasshopper didn't know how to speak bumble bee?

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