Tuesday, December 06, 2016

If there was a 13th Dimension :: Pi 3.1415 :: Rebecca Michelle Lee

If there is a Thirteenth Dimension, where is the thirteenth dimension of the thirteenth dimension of the thirteenth dimension?

Chapter #3 :: Why do Cheerleaders have Giant Bows in their Hair?

What if bumble bees made a flow chart, (string algorithim,) to everything and became an interdementional being? Do bumble bees breathe air? Do fireflies exist? Is water really wet? If bumble bees collect pollen but don't eat flowers, do the bumble bees have magical anti-gravitational powers? Can bumble bees fly through inter-dimensional Rubix Solve Cheats without being detected? What if bumble bees had evasive maneuvers like Star Trek flight plans and exausted colored smoke like the military plane do above parades? Why are bumble bees yellow and black, is that why sports teams have only a few team colors each? Why do ladies always win fantasy football by picking bumble bee colors? Did you know that girls like American pee-wee football too? When I grow up I want to be a competitive cheerleader, and wear my orange, black and white with pride.

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