Tuesday, December 06, 2016

I there was a 13th Dimension :: Pi 3.1415 :: Rebecca Michelle Lee

Chapter #4 :: What color Pen to Use?

What if you could make art out of paint color chips from home-improvement stores? Oh wait... people already do that... darn. What if a peron only had one colored pen, what color would that be? Why do teachers always use red? Why can't there be a good yellow colored pen, so bumble bees weren't forced to use other colors because yellow doesn't show up on white paper that well. Why is the color orange not scientifically included in a naturally ocurring rainbow? Why do cheerleaders say gold instead of yellow in their cheers. What in the world do bumble bees and competitive cheerleaders have in common? If a bumble bee was outside of the omniverse and/or universes would the bumble bee still match fantasy football and cheer colors?

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