Tuesday, December 06, 2016

If there was a 13th Dimension :: Pi 3.1415 :: Rebecca Michelle Lee

If there is a Thirteenth Dimension, where is the 13th of the 13th of the 13th Dimension? Did Rebecca find an end to Pi?

Chapter #2 :: Why do Children Like Dinosaurs?

What if people were playing frisbee and a tyrannosaurus rex went off-sides and caught the bee with one tiny hand instead of both tiny hands. Why does the Queen-of-Hearts always have a big head and tiny arms too? Chess doesn't have anything to do with dinosaurs, may they rest in peace. What in the world do dinosaurs dying have anything to do with the Illuminati Prophesy anyway? Don't ask the Illuminati the same question more than three times, or you will get a knock-knock joke, an esspresso and a free puppy.

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