Tuesday, December 06, 2016

If there was a 13th Dimension :: Pi 3.1519 :: Rebecca Michelle Lee

Chapter #6 :: Why did the Black Cat Change Colors?

What if plants could grow in the air like, "spores, mold, and fungus," like in the Ghostbusters movie? Would bees still know how to group flowers together as true colors, I meant team colors, even though bumble bees have purple rainbow viion and don't actually know what colors the flowers actually are? Why is the New World Order orange, black and white? Are the humans the ones who are wrong in deciphering what colors things actually are? If men and women see color differently would the bumble bees knows to group the "birds and the bees," as "blush and bashful?" What if the rabbit changed colors with non-toxic dye, like the fountains in Philadelphia, but the grasshopper didn't know how to speak bumble bee?

If there was a 13th Dimension :: Pi 3.1415 :: Rebecca Michelle Lee

Chapter #5 :: How do fish know where the East Australian Current is?

If you were under a fresh water lake and a bumble bee was flying above would air bubbles from little fishies float downward? Can bumble bees swim? What does this have to do with the grasshopper from chapter one, who was just minding their own business and school colors were obviously green? What happens when the grasshopper avoids Illuminati treasure and makes the white rabbit go into the fresh water lake diorama instead of fighting humans in the dusty dioramas. Do fish have team colors like schools do?

I there was a 13th Dimension :: Pi 3.1415 :: Rebecca Michelle Lee

Chapter #4 :: What color Pen to Use?

What if you could make art out of paint color chips from home-improvement stores? Oh wait... people already do that... darn. What if a peron only had one colored pen, what color would that be? Why do teachers always use red? Why can't there be a good yellow colored pen, so bumble bees weren't forced to use other colors because yellow doesn't show up on white paper that well. Why is the color orange not scientifically included in a naturally ocurring rainbow? Why do cheerleaders say gold instead of yellow in their cheers. What in the world do bumble bees and competitive cheerleaders have in common? If a bumble bee was outside of the omniverse and/or universes would the bumble bee still match fantasy football and cheer colors?

If there was a 13th Dimension :: Pi 3.1415 :: Rebecca Michelle Lee

If there is a Thirteenth Dimension, where is the thirteenth dimension of the thirteenth dimension of the thirteenth dimension?

Chapter #3 :: Why do Cheerleaders have Giant Bows in their Hair?

What if bumble bees made a flow chart, (string algorithim,) to everything and became an interdementional being? Do bumble bees breathe air? Do fireflies exist? Is water really wet? If bumble bees collect pollen but don't eat flowers, do the bumble bees have magical anti-gravitational powers? Can bumble bees fly through inter-dimensional Rubix Solve Cheats without being detected? What if bumble bees had evasive maneuvers like Star Trek flight plans and exausted colored smoke like the military plane do above parades? Why are bumble bees yellow and black, is that why sports teams have only a few team colors each? Why do ladies always win fantasy football by picking bumble bee colors? Did you know that girls like American pee-wee football too? When I grow up I want to be a competitive cheerleader, and wear my orange, black and white with pride.

If there was a 13th Dimension :: Pi 3.1415 :: Rebecca Michelle Lee

If there is a Thirteenth Dimension, where is the 13th of the 13th of the 13th Dimension? Did Rebecca find an end to Pi?

Chapter #2 :: Why do Children Like Dinosaurs?

What if people were playing frisbee and a tyrannosaurus rex went off-sides and caught the bee with one tiny hand instead of both tiny hands. Why does the Queen-of-Hearts always have a big head and tiny arms too? Chess doesn't have anything to do with dinosaurs, may they rest in peace. What in the world do dinosaurs dying have anything to do with the Illuminati Prophesy anyway? Don't ask the Illuminati the same question more than three times, or you will get a knock-knock joke, an esspresso and a free puppy.

If there was a Thirteenth Dimension :: Pi 3.14159 :: Rebecca Michelle Lee

If there was a 13th Dimension, where is the 13th of the 13th of the 13th Dimension? Did Rebecca find an end to Pi?

Chapter #1 :: What do Bumble Bees See?

What if a white rabbit met a grasshopper on display in a dusty museum diarama and fought the curators responsible for the fake giant footprint plaster cast? If a magical bummble bee was a witness, but there were no flowers around, and instead used ultra-violet vision, with clear eyes, "It gets the infrared out," to record the activities of the giant humans, but only knows how to speak bumble bee language, "Bzzzz Bzzz," would dusty dioramas still exist? Can a bumble bee fly upside down, "Like... you know that time?" does any animal or insect fly upside down? Do spiders fly or jump upside down, but spiders are arachnids. How do animals and insects know how to fly around the planet earth instead of straight off into space? Can bumble bees land on the moon? Animals like cheese, the rats of the National Institute of Mental Health like cheese, is the moon really made of cheese? What if bumble bees could breathe in space? What if there was a magical double rainbow around the moon that people couldn't see but bumble bees could? Don't forget #cheesegate.