Thursday, March 29, 2012

Butterfly Wedding Fascinator - Weddings Media, PA

Butterfly Wedding Fascinator

This was so fun to do! This is a custom order for a bride who admired my butterfly retail display at Kuta in Media, PA! She just knew it when she saw them... just one simple butterfly clip for her bridal 'do. So of course she came straight down to the Bog.

The trick with this was to reinforce the pre-made feather wings. I simply cut waterproofing/weather-sealing tape on to the backside, (you can get it at any home-improvement store and is acid-free). I was sure to mod-podge over the edges to keep it neat and clean. I then painted the entire front and back with silver, (a couple of coats). After some overnight drying time, I glued an alligator clip to the backside of the butterfly body.

VoilĂ ! A one-of-a-kind hairpiece was born. I am kind of biased towards loving this since I hatch monarchs at home, and do everything in my power to attract butterflies! It sure is a lot of fun to make someone's day extra special.

Handmade in Media, PA & lovin' it!

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