Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Story of Stuff

I was just recently informed about an internet video about consumerism and the environment via the Philly Etsy Team:

This is a must watch video! It is truly well made, and explains how "the man" actually taught us that we need "stuff". Not only do we feel the need to "need stuff," but the companies make chintzy "stuff" on purpose, so our "stuff" will break, so we will buy more "stuff!"

Please be sure to share the link to this video when you are done watching it. We need to reduse, recycle, and stop wanting so much "stuff".

"The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard"


It just so happened that after I first watched this video, I then went outside to find an advertising package, thrown in the driveway, from an unnamed, chemical-using, "green" lawn company. Right on their ad it said, something to the effect of '...don't you want a green lawn like your neighbors?' etc. etc. etc. They are trying to trick us into poisoning our yards, and families, and pets, and the environment... just so we don't feel "embarrassed" about some silly turfgrass, (that uses too much water anyway).

I hope this video inspires you to feel better about yourself, without needing so much stuff, or needing the best "stuff". And to do better for the environment of course! :-)

Artist Rebecca Michelle Lee, Media, PA
Etsy Art Shop, pigeonsintheattic
Etsy Embroidery Shop, eclecticmeadow
h a p p y s h o p p i n g !

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  1. Wow, I can't wait to read/watch/find out more.